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Roofing Timber to South Africa
Welcome at Selati De Hoek Sawmill

Selati De Hoek Sawmill is a SA Pine sawmill that produce kild dried, PAR roofing timber into the South African market.

The whole timber process and the core of our business starts in the picturesque mountains of Tzaneen and Magoebaskloof.  Here we harvest SA pine trees that had been well looked after and well managed for 18 to 25 years. As sad as it is to witness the harvesting of 25 year-old trees, it is truly one of the few 100% renewable products on the market. 

Our policy of Maximum Timber Recovery is at the core of our entire process, and this starts in the yard where the logs from the plantations are sorted into different sizes and lengths for maximum saw recovery and ease of production.

To ensure maximum timber recovery, whilst ensuring the safety of our staff at all times, we have upgraded the old sawmilling methods to make use of the latest industry best practises and machinery. 


About The Selati Group

Selati Group is a family owned business established in 1963 as Selati Hardeware 1963 (Edms) Bpk.  Our Group's main focus through the years is to practice good business ethics, create lasting partnerships with both our customers and suppliers and producing a working environment and brand on which our whole team can be proud off. 

At De Hoek Sawmill we focus on the most cost effective saw milling practices to enable us to produce the most economical roofing timber into the South African market.

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A pine is a conifer in the genus Pinus of the family Pinaceae.
Pines are among the most commercially important tree species valued for their timber an
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